Quality and Environmental Policy

Quality and Environmental Policy

This policy of GNSZ Tervező LTD. management includes the commitment to the principles of quality and the environment.

Our goal is to manufacture high-quality tools and parts for all our partners and give reliable service in the course of our activities. During our operations, we pay special attention to the the quality of our services and the protection of our environment.

To achieve this goal, we carry out the following:

  • We constantly strive to enhance the satisfaction of our customers. Our main means in attracting and retaining our customers is the constant quality of our manufactured products and the fulfillment of customer needs. We are always ready to meet the needs of customers to the highest level. During the various developments, we constructively work together with our customers and take full account of their needs and suggestions.
  • We strive to enhance our competitiveness and our effectiveness in accordance with the ownerships’ expectations, and that the GNSZ Ltd. name continues to signify a guarantee of reliable and high quality products.
  • We provide our colleagues with a cultivated and civilized work environment. All of our employees contribute to the company’s ongoing development and enhancement of competitiveness, by their activities in the course of our production management system and the development of products and services. We promote and strengthen environmental consciousness in all our employees.
  • We maintain constant contact with our suppliers to ensure continous quality of delivered materials and products, and for reducing environmental impact. We expect our suppliers and subcontractors to comply with environmental requirements.
  • During our activities we have a responsible attitude to the social environment. In addition to supporting prescribed social obligations, we also support our local government, sporting events and health facilities.
  •  Our environmental goals are directed in the following areas:
    • reducing the use of natural resources and energy
    • reducing the use of hazardous materials in the course of our technologies
    • the collection of hazardous waste using modern equipment
    • other types of waste is collected selectively

The GNSZ LTD.’s Management is committed to the continuous improvement and performance of the quality management system and environmental requirements. Our commitment to the environment extends to the fulfillment of applicable laws, regulatory requirements and other requirements, as well as to reducing environmental impact.

Prepared by : Monika Vers, Quality and Environmental Management leader
Inspected by: Ákos Husvéth, Design Office leader
Approved by : Gyula Gergely, Managing Director


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