3D Scanning

Small and middle sized metal or plastic parts can be digitalised by our Nikon MMDx 100 laser scanning system.

Comprehensive quality control: measuring complex geometries, dimension reporting, comparing the digitalised result with the 3D CAD model of the part using colormapping.

We offer precision 3D measurements and services that allow us to make digital 3D models or to create surface or ambient models (reverse engineering) and provide precise follow-up checking and analysis to +/-0.02 mm accuracy. It’s not impossible for us to scan even polished, shiny surfaces. We don’t need measurement influential aids (such as sprays) even for trasparent plastic surfaces.

Type: Nikon MMDx 100
Bandwidth (y) (mm): 100mm
Workdistance (near FOV): 100mm
Measuring range (z): 100mm
Accuracy: 10µm
Data transfer: 50 Hz-150 Hz
Points per band: 1000
Temp. compensation: yes
Laser output power: Class 2
Output power control: Automatic each point
Measurement range: 2,5 m
Point repeatability: 0,027 mm
Volume accuracy: +/-0,038 mm

Reverse Engineering

This is an engineering process by which existing parts or bodies are digitized, the resulting point clouds are then processed to give a parametric CAD model of the part. Reverse engineering can be used for example in redesign, remanufacturing purposes in cases where technical documentation is not available for that component or the component has been modified or improved many times and does not match the current documentation. In this way, the process is suitable for archival purposes, remanufacturing or developing old worn-out components and tools.


Type: WenzelXorbit XO87
Table size: 1000*2000
Measurement range: 800*1500*700 (XYZ)
Measurement accuracy: +/- 0.001 mm (XYZ)
Probe system: Renishaw PH10M
Measuring software: Metrosoft CM 3.90

Hardness Tester

Type: Mitutoyo HR-100
Hardness units: Rockwell
Display: Analog
Display subdivisions: 0,5HR increments
Preloading: Automatic meter adjustment
Loading adjustments: Weight change
Load selections: Manual

Profile projector

Type: ProfileProjector PV 5100 Series
Total display: Ø 508 mm
Size range: 10y objective
Coordinate table: 200×100 mm
Maximum load: 5 kg
Magnification uncertainty: 0,1% transmitted light, 0,15% incident light
Extras: Qm-Data 200 measurement control system
Optoeye 200 detecting sensor