Company History

  • 1996 Three designers from Bakony Művek Autóalkatrész Gyártó Rt. founded the enterprise which dealt only with designing tools at the beginning.
  • 2000 We started tool manufacturing in cooperation with subcontractors.
  • 2004 January 1. we started our own tool manufacturing company in a rented hall
  • 2005 After 4 months test-run manufacturing we receive certification according to MSZ EN ISO9001:2001 by EMI_TÜV Bayern certifying GNSZ Ltd. for Designing and Producing of sheet metal forming and mould tools. Certification number: : MS 0524-095
  • 2006 June: We occupied our own, completely rebuilt depot in Nemesvámos with a hall No.1. of 435 m2 useful ground-space. There is a tool manufacturing workshop here with 50 m2, the whole area of which is equipped with a bridge-crane of 2 tons capacity.
    August: We occupied hall No.2 which is a newly re-built workshop with a bridge-crane of 3,2 tons capacity. In this room we are also have a hydraulic press, an 80 ton excenter press and two excenter presses of 350 tons.
    In the same year our company purchased a tool manufacturing company 10 km from our site with its whole staff and equipment. Thereafter, the company has been operating with two production sites which communicate through a self developed production controlling software.
  • 2007 Our hall No.2 located in Nemesvámos is equipped with a ceiling bridge-crane of 4.5 metric ton capacity. Our machining capability is strengthened by the purchase of a new CNC milling center and a wire-spark cutting machine.
  • 2008 Our CNC machine park is further strengthened by the acquisition of a new milling center, further increasing our milling capacity. Our NUMEREX CMM is put into operation, allowing our own precise measurements of tool produced drop-out parts. Our company now provides a complex range of services to its customers: design, manufacture, tool testing, pilot production, part measurement and tool delivery.
  • 2011 we took possession of our new facilities built in the inner area of Nemesvámos. Our CNC milling capability was further expanded by the acquisition of a HURCO portál milling machine (3000 x 2000 mm working range).
  • 2012  Our site built in 2011 is expanded (doubled in size), and we relocate some machinery and manpower to premises located 10 km from our main Nemesvámos site.
  • 2013-2015 Acquisition of machine tools, purchase of equipment and expansion of our transport fleet.

Brief information

  • Company name: GNSZ Tervező Kft
  • Ownership: GNSZ Kft. is a 100% family owned enterprise
  • Headquarters: GNSZ Kft. has 2 establishments in Nemesvámos (approx. 120 km southwest of Budapest)
  • Workforce: total of 80 employees, which includes 10 students and 15 engineers